Quotes & stories

Kees Aalbers

Structural Engineer

“Never a dull moment!” That’s how to describe my first 5 years at Allseas! What keeps surprising me is how often I discover yet another field of expertise within Allseas. The variety in knowledge, operational expertise and people is what I love most about working for this company.

Starting as a Naval Architect

My journey at Allseas started in 2017 as a Naval Architect in the Hydro-Structural team. A small team of 4-5 people focussed on the development of heavy lift tools related to hydrodynamics and the structural assessment of Pioneering Spirit. My biggest success has been the development of a tool to quickly assess the vessel strength of this unique vessel.

Broadening my skills

Part of the development and execution of the first offshore platform lifts executed with the Topsides Lift System (TLS) was a great experience. It enabled me to broaden my skills as a graduate in Marine Technology, with practical knowledge on offshore operations and other fields like software development.

Young Allseas

My passion for Allseas is not just down to our activities; it’s driven by the opportunities. The ability to take responsibility for subjects you find important. A good example is the creation of “Young Allseas” a couple of years ago. We believed Allseas was missing a platform for “younger” employees to collaborate. Now it’s a thriving part of the company, organising many different activities.

Operational expertise

After working for the Hydro-structural team, I moved more towards Naval operational and project support. I wanted to broaden my operational expertise. Being part of the engineering and execution of the Ninian jacket load-in to a barge, Gyda jacket direct load-in to quay and DolWin6 vertical jacket transport while providing support for 12 heavy lift projects and re-designing a pipelay structure… The first half year of 2022 certainly fulfilled this wish!

I’m proud to be part of our team and the Allseas family and look forward to the many opportunities and exciting projects to come!