Tog Mor

Tog Mor  is a flat-bottom, anchored barge for shallow water offshore construction activities, purchased by Allseas in 1997 and converted for pipelaying in 2001/02. Tog Mor  is equipped with a 10-point mooring system, pipelay equipment suitable for laying pipe up to  of 60 inches in diameter and a piggyback firing line for 6.50 inch diameter pipe. Tog Mor  is also fitted with a davit system that enables her to perform midpoint tie-ins and a 300 t crane for construction work.

Tog Mor  operates worldwide, primarily in shallow water areas, both in support of Allseas’ pipelayers and for independent contracting. She can lay pipes up to a water depth of 150 m without modification; deeper water projects are possible with modification to her winches and stinger.

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Vessel specifications

Length overall 154 m (505 ft) 
Breadth 27 m (89 ft) 
Depth to main deck 6 m (20 ft) 
Operating Draught 2 m (7 ft) 
Mooring system 12-point Flipper Delta anchors, forward: 4 x 10 t and 2 x 8.5 t, aft: 6 x 7 t (15 kips) 
Total installed power 3750 kW 
Accomodation 144 persons 
Helideck Maximum take-off weight 11.1 t, suitable for Sikorsky S-92 and Puma 100 helicopters 
Deck cranes Main crane of 300 t (660 kips) at 17 m (55 ft)  
Work stations Firing line with 3 (single joint) welding stations, 1 NDT station and 1 coating station 
Installed tension capacity 1 x 100 t (220 kips); optional 2nd tensioner 
Pipe cargo capacity 10 t/m² 
Pipe diameters From 2" to 60" OD 
Clear deck space 1000 m² 
Classifications LR 100 AT Pontoon 
Deck cargo capacity 10 t/m²
Davits 6 x Skid-mounted davits on starboard side for midpoint tie-ins
Port of registry Valletta, Malta

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