Fortitude   is a multipurpose offshore construction vessel (OCV) acquired by Allseas in 2018. The vessel is designed for worldwide operations in the oil and gas sector, ultra-deepwater installation and construction, and pipelay and heavy lift support. Optimised for the installation of flexibles, umbilicals, manifolds, jumpers and other subsea production system components, Fortitude   is fitted with two high-capacity active heave compensated offshore cranes (900 t and 200 t respectively) and moon pools for all-weather ROV operations.

Deep-water ROVs

The state-of-the-art DP3 vessel is 150 m long and 32 m wide, with a free deck area of 2900 m² and accommodation for up to 250 persons. The large deck area provides clear space to accommodate a 550-t flex lay tower over the main 8.4 m x 8.4 m moon pool. The vessels boasts an enclosed ROV hangar for the deployment of two large work class deep-water ROVs, over-the-side Launch and Recovery Systems and Tether Management Systems depth rated to 4000 m (13,100 ft).

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Vessel specifications

Length overall 151 m (495 ft) 
Length between perpendiculars 144 m (351 ft) 
Breadth 32 m (105 ft) 
Depth to main deck 13 m (44 ft) 
Operating Draught 10 m (32 ft) 
Maximum speed 13.9 knots 
Total installed power 22,380 kW 
Thrusters Main azimuth thrusters (stern): 3 x 3350 kW (peak) Schottel SRP 4040 LSU non-retractable azimuth thrusters with fixed-pitch propellers 
Dynamic positioning system LR DP (AAA), dual redundant Kongsberg K-Pos DP-22/12 system 
Accomodation 250 persons  
Helideck Maximum take-off weight 15.6 t; suitable for Sikorsky S-92 helicopters 
Deck cranes Offshore luffing jib crane (AHC), 900 t (2000 kips) at 17 m (56 ft)
Knuckle boom crane (AHC), 200 t (440 kips) at 10 m (33 ft)
ROV 150HP Schilling Robotics UHDI work class ROV with TMS, depth rating 4000 m (13,100 ft), Seaeye Cougar XT observation class ROV with TMS, depth rating 2000 m (6560 ft), Rolls-Royce (AHC) over the side LARS, with 3000 m (9845 ft) umbilical, Hydramec (AHC) over the side LARS, with 2000 m (6560 ft) umbilical 
Clear deck space 2900 m² 
Classifications LR 100A1 Offshore Supply Vessel, Firefighting ship type 2 (7200 m³/h), Helideck, *IWS, WDL+, ECO(TOC), Ice class 1C FS at a draught of 9.8 m (max/min draughts: Fwd: 9.98/6.74 m; Aft. 9.83/6.75 m); power required 4959 kW, power installed 10,050 kW
LMC, UMS, DP(AAA), ShipRight SRtP
Bow thrusters 2 x 3350 kW Wärtsilä retractable azimuth thrusters, 2 x 2500 kW Wärtsilä tunnel thrusters
Stern thrusters 3 x 3350 kW Schottel azimuth thrusters
Moon pool Main moon pool (8.4 m x 8.4 m)
Port of registry Valletta, Malta

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