Transition to natural gas

Natural gas is one of the mainstays of global energy and is integral to the energy transition. Where it replaces more polluting fuels, it improves air quality and limits CO² emissions of carbon dioxide. Our technology supports the investments made by energy companies worldwide, facilitating growing demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy.

Specialised in complex natural gas development

Allseas has over 35 years of experience installing pipelines for transportation of natural gas, to very stringent acceptance criteria in harsh conditions. High pipeline installation speeds, unique platform installation capability and unrivalled workability make us the go-to contractor for complex natural gas development projects around the world.

We are also actively involved in tenders for carbon capture and storage (CCS) pipelines. CCS aims to capture and store carbon dioxide produced during power generation and industrial processes and thereby preventing emissions into atmosphere.


Technology for hydrogen transportation

In anticipation of future needs, we are investing in technology for hydrogen transportation, which will play a significant role in de-carbonising the worlds energy supply. Allseas is taking a leading position in the path towards developing guidelines and standards for design, construction and operation of pipelines.

We are developing and executing materials and welding test programmes to evaluate the suitability of using existing and new pipelines for transportation of pure hydrogen and/or hydrogen blended with natural gas, which we expect to complete by the end of 2022. This will enable the offshore construction industry to step into this new and promising market, and therewith provide additional alternatives for the world’s energy transition.