Sandpiper  is a flat-bottom, anchored barge for shallow water offshore construction activities, purchased by Allseas in 2022 and upgraded for pipelaying in 2022/23. Sandpiper  is equipped with a 10-point mooring system, pipelay equipment suitable for laying pipe up to of 60 inches in diameter and a piggyback firing line for 6.50 inch diameter pipe. The shallow-water pipelay barge  is also fitted with a davit system that enables her to perform ‘mid-line’ tie-ins and a 800 t crane for construction work.

Sandpiper  operates worldwide, primarily in shallow water areas, both in support of Allseas’ pipelayers and for independent contracting. She can lay pipes up to a water depth of 150 m. Deeper water projects are possible with modifications depending on the projects specifics.

Following extensive pipelay and positioning trials off Johor, Malaysia, Sandpiper  successfully executed her first commercial project in mid-2024.

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Vessel specifications

Length overall 170 m (558 ft) 
Length between perpendiculars 120 m (394 ft) 
Breadth 31.7 m (104 ft) 
Depth to main deck 9 m (30 ft) 
Mooring system Anchored barge; 10x 12 t anchors 
Accomodation 214 persons 
Helideck 12 t (CAP 437 compliant) 
Deck cranes Offshore mast crane: Huisman 800 t @ 26.7 m radius. Min working radius 8.5 m. Max working radius 52.0 m. Main hoist, auxiliary hoist, sling hoist x2, tuggers x2 
Work stations 4x welding, 1x NDT, 3x coating, 1x piggyback 
Installed tension capacity 2 x 75 mt 
Pipe cargo capacity 12.5 mt/m2 
Pipe diameters 8-60 inch (inc. coating) 
Clear deck space Approx. 1000 m2 
Classifications ABS  
Davits 6x 90 t
Port of registry Valletta, Malta

Sandpiper  projects