From offshore pipelaying to installing and removing offshore structures, Allseas excels in the design and execution of large and complex offshore projects for major oil and gas producing companies worldwide. Activities include design, engineering, procurement, fabrication and project management. Our vessels are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and focus on offshore pipelines for oil and gas as well as installation and removal of offshore platforms in a single lift. Read more about Allseas' equipment and projects.

Pipelines and subsea

Allseas specialises in the design and installation of subsea pipelines and associated seabed structures for all water depths; from very shallow to ultra-deepwater environments.

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Heavy lifting

Allseas has revolutionised “single lifting” by developing an innovative technique to install and remove entire offshore structures in one lift using a motion compensation system developed in-house.

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Allseas continuously improves the performance of its vessels and equipment by developing new technologies that enable us to execute more challenging projects safer, more efficiently and to the highest quality.

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Allseas has various specialised facilities where custom-made equipment and structures for commercial projects are fabricated, as well as parts for vessel new-builds and vessel modifications.

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River Plastics Removal

Plastic pollution is a global problem, and we are committed to the effort to clean our oceans by developing systems to collect waste in rivers and waterways before it flows out to sea

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