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Lieke de Korte

Logistics Engineer

During my Maritime Economics and Logistics studies, I started working for Allseas in 2014 as a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Engineer. My knowledge of the offshore industry was limited to say the least, but with the idea “go big or go home”, a job interview with Allseas followed and I was hired. Upon graduation, I was offered a PhD position, but Allseas boldly suggested that if I stay, I could be the dedicated QHSE Engineer for Pioneering Spirit in Rotterdam. It is typical for Allseas to offer a very steep learning curve to young graduates and – obviously – I never left.

During my first 4 years with Allseas, I spent time on board all the vessels, learned the basics of the pipelay process – from enthusiastic crewmembers and my colleagues in the office – and the general set-up of the offshore industry. As part of the project team(s), you have major responsibilities at an early stage of your career, which results in a very challenging work environment and spending time in all corners of the world.

I realised the part I enjoyed most about my work was working with the crew on board. The mentality of seafarers is catching. Hence, I made the switch to Logistics Engineer and now work with the pipe haul fleet supporting the pipelay vessels. On some projects, we charter, outfit and co-ordinate more than 10 pipe supply vessels of mixed types and sizes, trying to optimise the supply of line pipe to the offshore pipelay location.

This translates to a job that provides you with the opportunity to see the world, meet new people, learn about different vessels, their on-board cultures and spend a lot of time in coveralls! How’s that for an alternative to a 9-5 desk job? Allseas is a dynamic company with challenges and opportunities for the taking, regardless of your experience. It’s the famous swimming pool cliché where they throw you in at the deep end: you stay afloat and it never bores.