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Victor Sánchez

Electrical Engineer

Being a successful company in such a unique and demanding industry gives an idea of the size and the spirit of this company. Allseas offers a challenging working environment where good ideas, exciting projects and good work are transformed into innovation, quality and the ongoing search for improvement. This makes Allseas a leader in the offshore industry, with a strong and determined workforce where everyone can find their place.

I studied electrical engineering and was looking for a new challenge when I came across the Allseas website. Despite not having much of an idea at that time of how complex, but attractive the offshore world could be I still found it very interesting so I applied. When I started working for Allseas, they asked me if I would like to program in addition to my electrical work. I had a very basic knowledge about programming, but they said to me “Don’t worry, we’ll teach you”. I became involved in and started learning new things, and before I realised, I was going offshore in Australia to commission my first machine. The feeling of contributing to a project offshore, feeling and dealing with the responsibility and the expectations that correspond with such a situation is a very satisfying experience difficult to compare with something else.

At Allseas, I found my place by exploring new things, developing myself and finding out what I like to do. A family company where you can focus on your interests and by doing this you can find your place, your role and your way to contribute. You can get involved in the different parts of the project as much as you want until you feel like something that is really yours, from where you will enjoy its “moments of glory” but also learn from the mistakes.


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