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Niek Verbruggen

R&D Engineer

I first encountered Allseas as a student. After finishing my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to take a gap year, during which I worked at Allseas for eight months. I was part of a team responsible for Pioneering Spirit’s  stinger. After various smaller projects, I was asked to head to the fabrication yard in China, where the first stinger section was being built. I became responsible for smoothing communication between the yard and the Allseas office in Delft, so that production would speed up. I think that the opportunities and responsibilities given to me as a student are a typical example of the projects and accountability given to young, ambitious engineers at Allseas in general.

After my studies, it was clear to me that I wanted to work for Allseas. First of all, the atmosphere and culture within the company is very important to me. It is a social working environment where you quickly earn a lot of trust and responsibility. This results in an amicable atmosphere where colleagues are willing to help each other. Secondly, the type of projects interest me. Some people tend to forget that Allseas’ vessels are in effect floating factories, which need a tremendous amount of engineering and continuous upgrades. Most of those projects are executed in-house, resulting in a large number of interesting and challenging engineering developments in various disciplines.

I started as an R&D Engineer in the company’s Delft-based Innovations Department. Within a few months, I was given the role of Project Co-ordinator. With a small team, we developed a new piece of equipment to remove ice accumulation on pipe joints. After the engineering phase, we assembled and tested the equipment ourselves. Last but not least, we flew by helicopter to Solitaire  to install and commission the equipment. This first project confirmed my thoughts that Allseas gives a lot of responsibility and trust to young engineers, leading to interesting and inspiring day-to-day activities.


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