Quotes & stories

Niek Verbruggen

System Engineer

After finishing my bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to take a gap year, during which I worked at Allseas. I was part of a team responsible for Pioneering Spirit’s stinger and was asked to head to the fabrication yard in China, where the first stinger section was being built. I became responsible for smoothing communication between the yard and the Allseas office in Delft, so that production would speed up. I think that the opportunities and responsibilities given to me as a student are a typical example of the projects and accountability given to young, ambitious engineers at Allseas in general.

Engineering, assembly and testing

After my masters in Precision and Microsystems, it was clear to me that I wanted to work for Allseas because of the company’s working environment. I started as an R&D Engineer in the company’s Delft based Innovations Department. Within a few months, I was given the role of Project Co-ordinator. With a small team, we developed a new piece of equipment to remove ice accumulation on pipe joints. After the engineering phase, we assembled and tested the equipment ourselves. Last but not least, we flew by helicopter to Allseas' vessel Solitaire  to install and commission the equipment. This first project confirmed my thoughts that Allseas gives a lot of responsibility and trust to young engineers, leading to interesting and inspiring day-to-day activities.

A versatile range of interesting projects

After this vibrant first project a very versatile range of interesting projects followed. Among others, I was involved in the engineering of vision-based positioning equipment for the Topsides Lift System on Pioneering Spirit, software development for the active grillages for the Jacket Lift System and a feasibility study for the construction of subsea hyperloop connections. Over the past few years, I worked on the development of a subsea tracked vehicle for the collection of polymetallic nodules. Each new project brought me into contact with other great colleagues, who were always willing to help and think along, that is something that really characterises the Allseas culture for me.