Quotes & stories

Laura Klinkenberg

Coating Engineer and Project Manager Plastic removal project

As a materials engineering student, I got to know Allseas during an internship in the Innovations Department. Back then, in 2016, the offshore world was completely new to me and it was the first time working in such a big international company. I was welcomed and supervised very well and I have learned a lot in a short time. One year later, after my graduation in Germany, I decided I wanted to work for Allseas. I got the opportunity to start as a Coating Engineer in the Pipeline Production Department (PPD). The inspiring work environment and the close and direct contact within the teams as well as the hands-on-mentality made my decision very easy.

Leading my first project

During my first year with Allseas, I had my first offshore trip to the biggest vessel of the Allseas fleet, Pioneering Spirit. In Allseas, you get assigned to a project very soon after starting, which makes the work very interesting, challenging and educational. It did not take long before I could write my own procedures and send them to clients and lead a Field Joint Coating scope for a pipelay project. I felt very proud when I had the opportunity to lead my first project and I received a very warm welcome on board of the vessels.

Offshore friendliness

There is a very open and international vibe in the offshore business and people are always friendly and respectful. I remember my first trip when I was the only woman on a full manned ship with 500 people, and with full manned I actually mean only men besides me as only woman. It was super fun and not weird at all! We need more women in this business! I also really appreciate Allseas’ approach to encourage the female employees within the company. Since this year, we also have a special women event where the topics of equal chances in the business get attention.

Innovative solutions for cleaner oceans

After 3 years within Allseas as a Coating Engineer, I got the chance to step into the river plastic removal project as Assistant Project Manager. This special project is very important to me, as it is my personal interest to do something for cleaner oceans and we try to contribute to this with innovative solutions. I am now leading the project with a multidisciplinary team within the Innovation department. I am very thankful that I have this unique possibility to be in two functions within the company. My day-to-day work is very diverse and I am still learning new things.