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Together on a mission to clean our rivers and oceans

About 150 million tonnes of plastic pollution ended up in our waters in 2016. A recent study estimates that by 2040, plastic pollution will reach 600 million tonnes. Plastic causes a serious threat to the environment. Most of it enters the seas through rivers and ends up in our food chain. Working every day at sea, we witness first-hand the devastating impact plastic pollution is having on the world’s oceans and marine life. Plastic pollution is a global problem, and we are committed to the effort to clean our oceans by developing systems to collect waste in rivers and waterways before it flows out to sea.

Development and installation of plastic collection systems

Two plastic waste collection systems are already installed: Patje Plastic in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, and Catchy in the Nieuwe Maas river in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. These system are installed at so called “hotspots” and use wind and currents to collect plastic. Our systems are capable of capturing micro- and macro plastics at the water surface and in the upper part of the water column. We are currently working on a third system, called Catchy 2.

Join our mission!

We are collaborating with national and international companies and authorities to rid our seas and oceans of plastic pollution. We are looking for partners to join our mission and develop tailor-made solutions in waterways all over the world. Curious about the possibilities? Send us an e-mail

Our solutions

We are committed to clean our oceans by developing systems to collect waste in rivers before it flows out to sea and breaks up in micro plastics

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Research & analysis

Performing tests in rivers and waterways in the Benelux with our plastic sampler and analysing the collected waste in our laboratory

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News & updates

Stay up-to-date with our efforts, collaborations and projects to develop and install tailor made plastic collection systems in the Benelux

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About us

Working every day at sea, Allseas witnesses first-hand the devastating effect plastic pollution is having on the world’s oceans and marine life

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Our projects

Catchy waste collection system

Rijkswaterstaat commissioned Allseas to develop a waste collection system named “Catchy” for the Vijfsluizer harbour, located between the cities Schiedam and Vlaardingen in the Netherlands

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Port of Antwerp

Plastic collection system in Port of Antwerp’s “Doeldok” zone. The introduction of a passive catcher system will significantly reduce the quantity of pollutant plastics  found in the waters around Doeldok.

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Nieuwe Maas river

Plastic catcher for the Nieuwe Maas flowing through the city centre to remove macro plastics at the surface and in the water column.

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A study for Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland to investigate plastic pollution in the Verversingskanaal in Scheveningen.

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Our Partners