Solitaire    is one of the largest pipelay vessels in the world and has set new standards in the pipelay industry. The vessel has been operational since 1998 and has since steadily improved her performance. Based on the same principles as Lorelay,   her long length and ship-shape ensures excellent workability, and a pipe carrying capacity of 22,000 t makes her less dependent on offshore pipe supply in hostile areas. Precise manoeuvring on full dynamic positioning allows the vessel to work safely in congested areas.

Record for ultra-deepwater pipeline installation

Solitaire    has laid numerous deepwater pipelines. In 2005 her S-lay capacity was increased to a holding force of 1050 t, enabling her to lay the heaviest pipelines. In 2007 she set the world record for ultra-deepwater pipeline installation, laying pipe to a depth of 2775 m (9100 ft). Solitaire’s   high cruising speed, high laying speed and substantial carrying capacity make her competitive for pipelay projects anywhere in the world.

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Technical design

Vessel specifications

Length overall397 m (1,302 ft) 
Length between perpendiculars249 m (817 ft) 
Breadth41 m (135 ft) 
Depth to main deck24 m (79 ft) 
Operating draught9–10 m (30–33 ft) 
Maximum speed13.5 knots 
Total installed power51,480 kW 
Thrusters10 x 5550 kW Wärtsilä-Lips azimuth  
Dynamic positioning systemLR DP (AAA), fully redundant Kongsberg K-Pos 22/12 and cJoy system
Accomodation420 persons 
HelideckMaximum take-off weight 21 t, suitable for Sikorsky S-61N and Chinook BV-234 helicopters 
Deck cranesSpecial purpose crane of 850 t (1900 kips) at 30 m (98 ft)
Two pipe transfer cranes of 35 t (80 kips) at 33 m (108 ft)
Work stations2 x double-joint factories (each with 3 welding stations
and 1 NDT station), 5 welding stations for double joints,
1 NDT station and 4 coating stations 
Installed tension capacity3 x 350 t (3 x 770 kips)  
ROV150 HP work-class ROV, rated to 4000 m depth (13,000 ft), for subsea surveys and intervention work 
Pipe diametersFrom 2" to 60" OD 
Classifications100 A1, Pipe Laying Ship, LA, *IWS, LI, LMC, DP(AAA), PCR (98, 93)  
Pipe hold capacity22,000 t
Abandonment & recovery systemHydraulic 4-winch system, 1000 t (2200 kips), cable length Additional electric winch, 400 t (880 kips)
Port of registryValletta, Malta

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