Facilitate the energy transition

We aim to facilitate the energy transition by pioneering solutions to scale up sustainable energy resources and fast-tracking electrification of the energy mix by:

Helping nations transition to natural gas

Natural gas is one of the mainstays of global energy and is integral to the energy transition. Where it replaces more polluting fuels, it improves air quality and limits CO² emissions of carbon dioxide. Our technology supports the investments made by energy companies worldwide, facilitating growing demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy.

Read more about our role in the transition to natural gas.

Becoming a key contractor in the offshore energy market

Our single-lift technology will play a key role in offshore wind projects. In addition to fast and efficient transport and installation solutions for large offshore substations, we are pioneering new concepts for the next generation wind turbines required to meet growing demand for offshore renewable energy.Read more about our role in offshore wind and renewables.

Providing metals needed for the new energy mix

We are leveraging our world-renowned deep-water expertise to develop technology to responsibly recover polymetallic nodules from the ocean floor and transfer them 5 km to the surface for transportation to shore for processing.

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