Our mission is to remain a frontrunner in the offshore energy market by continuously pushing technical boundaries. As new markets emerge, so do opportunities to apply our engineering expertise to develop new technology that will play a key role in the energy transition, and optimise our solutions to drive efficiency and minimise the potential environmental impact. Allseas is a pioneer in the development of groundbreaking offshore technology, driven by creative thinkers who dare to try new things.

Why environmental sustainability is important to us

Sustainability is fundamental to the way we work and integral to challenges and opportunities created by the transition towards alternative sources of energy. As a family-owned business, continuation and preservation for future generations is central to the way we work. We aim to minimise impact to the environment to preserve waters, landscapes and precious resources. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, our solutions enable increasingly sustainable and responsible offshore operations. We identify opportunities and invest in activities to continue to make our mark in the energy market of today and tomorrow.

Our environmental sustainability efforts

To succeed in our mission to create sustainable value, we have developed a  sustainability strategy built on three pillars aligned with our business values:
• Minimise our impact on the environment by optimising operational efficiency and reducing emissions across our operations and supply chain
• Facilitate the energy transition with solutions to scale up sustainable energy resources and fast-tracking electrification of the energy mix
• Enable clean waters by applying a circular economy mindset to waste management and tackling the problem of waste in rivers

From environmental sustainability strategy to execution

In 2020, we made substantial progress to deliver on our ambitious sustainability promises. We strengthened our commitment and corporate governance by promoting sustainability and environmental management in our integrated management system. We established a robust sustainability framework, with dedicated workgroups to drive efficiency and emission reduction across the business in support of our sustainability goals. We continued to develop metrics and targets, such as a tool to calculate the carbon footprint of our operations. We investigated the feasibility of fuel efficiency measures and alternative fuels, and introduced measures to reduce dependency on conventional energy sources.

Unique single-lift technology for high workability and shorter installation campagains

Our record-breaking single-lift vessel Pioneering Spirit  revolutionised the offshore heavy lift industry, providing our clients with a significantly faster, safer and more efficient option for platform removals and installations. Our single-lift concept only requires a few days in the field compared to conventional means, reducing vessel operations to a minimum. Single-lift reduces the amount of labour-intensive work offshore, moving it onshore where it’s safer and protects the marine environment from the risk of offshore spills. This significantly lowers our emissions footprint. Emissions savings for single, large topsides can amount to 70-90% or 3 billion kilogrammes of CO².

Enable clean waters

We enable clean waters by applying a circular economy mindset to waste management and tackling the problem of waste in rivers

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