Allseas has executed more than 300 projects and installed over 27,500 km of subsea pipeline worldwide. Project scopes range from straightforward pipeline installation jobs to complex pipelay and heavy lift contracts involving design, engineering, fabrication, installation and/or removal, large subcontracted scopes for diving, dredging, rock dumping, and systems to prevent plastic waste spreading into open water. Click on the world map to find out more about our current and challenging past projects.

Current projects

Gennaker West & East

Transport and installation (T&I) of two substation platforms (OSS) for the Gennaker offshore wind
development in the German Baltic Sea

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Tamar Expansion

Installation of a third deepwater gathering line for the Tamar field expansion project, which will meet growing demands for safe and reliable gas supply in the East Mediterranean.

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DolWin4 & BorWin4

Transport and single-lift installation of two 900-megawatt converter platforms for the DolWin4 and BorWin4 offshore grid connection projects in the German North Sea.

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Heather Alpha

Engineering, preparation, removal and disposal of 13,000-tonne topsides in the UK North Sea.

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Hugin A

Transport and installation of one of the heaviest offshore processing facilities ever installed in the Norwegian North Sea.

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N05A pipeline

Pipeline installation scope for one of the most important Dutch offshore natural gas developments in the last 15 years.

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Norfolk Boreas

Transport and installation services for the UK’s Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone, one of the largest offshore wind developments in the world.

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Catchy 2

Catchy 2  is a riverine litter collection system located under the Erasmus Bridge, designed for waste collection in the Maas River in Rotterdam.

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Catchy Mini

Allseas developed a waste removal system for the Waddenhaven on the island of Terschelling.

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Patje Plastic

Plastic collection system in Port of Antwerp’s “Doeldok” zone. The introduction of a passive catcher system will significantly reduce the quantity of pollutant plastics  found in the waters around Doeldok.

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Project history