At Allseas, we dare to pioneer. Do you?


Working offshore on one of our vessels means that you are at the heart of the action and taking an active part in shaping the future of the offshore industry. Our offshore crew members are dedicated and determined to get the job done efficiently without losing sight of safety.
On board the vessels, our marine and construction crew work 12-hour shifts based on a schedule of five weeks on and five weeks off.

Marine crew

The marine crew comprises three main teams: nautical, technical and catering. The nautical crew is responsible for sailing the vessel; the technical crew (engineers and mechanics) maintains the installations and equipment on board such as the main engines and electrical plant; the catering crew (cooks and stewards) provides catering and cleaning related services for all crew on board.

Construction crew

The construction crew co-ordinates and executes all the preparatory work in the pipeline factory, providing the services necessary for the vessel to execute Allseas’ core business, pipeline installation. To this end, welders work together with bevel machine operators, coating operators, riggers and quality inspectors.
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At Allseas, we dare to pioneer. Do you?