Catchy Mini

General information

Client Waddenhaven Terschelling  
Project Catchy Mini 
Year 2022 
Location Terschelling, The Netherlands 

Scope of work

In the summer of 2021, Waddenhaven Terschelling approached Allseas to develop a waste removal system, based on the existing Catchy  system. While there are lots of different waste removal systems for various types of waterways such as rivers or canals, few are made specifically for marinas. For marinas, a waste removal system can be very helpful, as it helps to clean the marinas, making them more attractive for its users. Furthermore, it takes the labour intensive task of removing trash by hand away from harbour personnel. It also makes the marina safer for marine creatures because a waste removal system decreases the chance of marine litter being ingested my animals. Furthermore, a waste removal system can prevent litter from damaging boats.

The conditions in a recreational harbour are vastly different from the industrial waterways where the previous Catchy  systems were installed. For installation in a marina, the whole system had to be scaled down. This opened up the opportunity to revisit the entire system, and to optimise certain aspects of it. Aside from its small size, which allows transport in a normal car trailer, Catchy Mini’s main feature is the way it is emptied. Due to its smaller size, it is possible to empty the cage by hand in one single move. By emptying it more often in smaller batches, the volume of the cage becomes more efficient as well. The trash is put in another container at the rear, where it can dry, again making it more convenient to manage.

On 6 March 2023, Catchy Mini  we started the installation test phase and optimalisation.