Quotes & stories

Marco Chiozzi

Assistant Project Manager

It all started more than five years ago, in the late summer of 2013. I was a freshly graduated engineer and eager to start working. Allseas was offering a chance to work with a futuristic ship and to write the future history of the heavy lifting industry. Long story short, I sent my CV, had an interview and started work soon after.

Always different challenges

The environment in the Heavy Lift Department and the company as a whole has always been friendly and positive, of course with the occasional ups and downs due to busy times and technical difficulties. The real positive characteristics of the department are the general attitude of helping each other, fulfillment of always different challenges and the possibility to “see and touch” the results of your work, whether in port, offshore or at a fabrication yard.

Interacting with different departments

For the first two years, I worked as a Junior Engineer, increasing my knowledge of the vessel, offshore platforms and the wider heavy lift industry. My main tasks were those of tailoring the generic removal procedures and work scope to a specific job, interact with different departments (e.g. the drawing office and naval department) and work in a team.

Widen my knowledge and strengthen my skills

After being promoted to Lead Engineer, I moved to the “Studies & Tender” team and became responsible for managing the work form an engineering point of view, i.e. planning, define required deliverables, direct a team of engineers and draftsmen, relate with the client and different departments. Being in this team gave me the possibility of interact with clients, see many offshore platforms, widen my knowledge and strengthen my skills.

Leading a team and managing the scope of a project

In 2018, I moved to a project team to lead the Tyra Redevelopment Project, which involves the removal of two big topsides and four jackets. I currently lead a team of about 15 Engineers and four Draftsmen, managing the engineering scope of the project, both from a technical point of view and interacting with the client, subcontractors and many departments. In 2022, I became Assistant Project Manager. Who knows what the future may bring!