Quotes & stories

Justin Sjaak

Senior NDT Engineer

I came in touch with Allseas at a recruiting day where I met some enthusiastic people, talking about Allseas’ fleet and its line of work. They pointed out that Allseas offers great development opportunities for starters like me. I applied to Allseas through an open application and during my job interview, the role of Junior NDT (non-destructive testing) Engineer was offered to me. NDT was an unknown territory for me as it was not part of my education, so I wondered how I would be able to contribute to the department. Luckily, Allseas offers the chance to gain the experience to become that specialist by training and working, an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

Looking for improvement opportunities

In our department we possess a variety of knowledge. My main task is to convert client specifications into procedures for the personnel on board our ships performing NDT. These procedures are tested at our training school where we simulate welding and NDT for pipeline production. I was given the freedom to look for improvement opportunities, which resulted in providing the company with some smart tools that allowed the engineers to work more efficiently.

Learn, grow and develop your skills

I have experienced the importance of how much Allseas values in-house knowledge, as employees are given the chance to learn, grow and develop their skills. Getting the opportunity to earn responsibility and monitor important tasks reflects the company’s general attitude towards hard work and trust.