Ninian North

General information

Client Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI) 
Project Ninian North 
Location North Sea (UK) 
Vessels Pioneering Spirit, Oceanic 
Max. water depth 140 m (460 ft)

Scope of work

  • Engineering, preparation, removal, load-in and disposal (EPRD) of 14,200 t topsides and partial eight-legged steel jacket
  • Pre-lift preparation work including design and installation of underdeck lift points and removal/separation of pipework and obstacles
  • Cutting of the platform legs
  • Design and fabrication of “horseshoe” lifting units, support stools and grillage
  • Transfer of topsides from Pioneering Spirit  to Iron Lady  and load-in to dismantling yard

Project specials

  • Design and fabrication of horseshoes and extension pieces for topsides lift
  • Complete cutting of the legs one year prior to the single lift
  • First time Pioneering Spirit  in port for topsides transfer