09 December 2021

Watch the journey of “Pioneering Spirit’s” unique Jacket lift system – episode 2 out now

Our record-breaking construction vessel Pioneering Spirit  is a game changer in offshore heavy lift.

Unique heavy lift technology

The unique motion compensated, single-lift technology enables her to lift and transport entire platform topsides in one piece. We are now enhancing her versatility by adding a second revolutionary lift system, capable of lifting and transporting the largest supporting structures: the Jacket lift system.

Mini-documentary about the people who made this unique heavy lift solution possible

Follow the journey of the engineers that developed this system and are at the forefront of bringing it to life. Watch the second episode of our mini Jacket lift system documentary: https://allseas.com/videos/pioneering-spirits-jacket-lift-system-episode-2/

Did you miss the first episode of our mini-documentary about Pioneering Spirit’s  Jacket lift system? You can watch it here.

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