Single lift technology

Pioneering Spirit, the largest construction vessel in the world, signifies a step-change in offshore installation and decommissioning. The vessel installs and removes entire platform topsides in a single lift, moving the work to shore where it is safer and quicker.

Reducing environmental risks

When it comes to decommissioning decades-old redundant infrastructure, our single-lift approach significantly reduces environmental risks. Unlike conventional means, we do not need lengthy campaigns at sea to separate modules, thereby eliminating the risk of spills. Lengthy periods offshore cleaning process facilities are also avoided. This work can be done at dedicated onshore facilities in a controlled manner.

Reducing emissions

Saving time at sea also drastically reduces emissions. It can take two summer seasons to remove the largest platforms by conventional means; multiple trips for a lift vessel and its support fleet. Pioneering Spirit  emits about 60% less CO2 when installing or removing large platforms, due to the swiftness at which she can do this compared to conventional methods.

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