Follow Allseas’ engineers on “Pioneering Spirit’s”  Jacket lift system journey – episode 1

Pioneering Spirit  is the largest construction vessel in the world and a game-changer in offshore heavy lift. Equipped with unique motion compensated, single-lift technology, she can lift and transport entire platform topsides and offshore substations in one piece, significantly reducing the amount of offshore work, moving it onshore where it is safer, more cost effective and poses less environmental risk.

Now we are enhancing her versatility, adding a second revolutionary lift system capable of lifting and transporting the largest platform supporting structures. The so-called “Jacket lift system” eliminates the need for barges, offering greater capacity, stability and workability in hostile environments.

Follow the journey of the engineers responsible for developing this innovative new system and at the forefront of bringing it to life. Watch the first episode of their exciting journey.

Pioneering Spirit  and the Jacket lift system

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