13 February 2020

Unique Jacket Lift System takes form!

Our record-breaking construction vessel Pioneering Spirit  will be able to remove and install jackets – the steel frame supporting the decks of an offshore platform – weighing up to 20,000 t – equal to 200 space shuttles – in a single lift. Systems and parts of the new Jacket Lift System (JLS) are taking form at fabrication sites around the world. In Italy, construction of the two 170-m lift beams has reached the halfway point, and in China, the upend system is close to completion.

Conventionally, when removing large jackets offshore, the structures need to be cut into small sections suitable for crane lifts, which requires lengthy and complex cutting operations. Pioneering Spirit  will minimise this offshore work, generating large cost savings and drastically reducing safety and environmental risks. A win-win for platform operators looking to decommission offshore infrastructure.

So how does the system work? Well, thanks to our top team of in-house animators, you can see for yourself!
Check out the video of Pioneering Spirit‘s JLS.