Gyda platform removal

General information

Client Repsol Norge AS  
Project Gyda platform removal 
Year 2022 
Location Norwegian North Sea 
Vessels Pioneering Spirit, Oceanic 
Max. water depth 66 m

Scope of work

  • Engineering, preparation, removal and disposal of 18,400 t topsides, 11,500 t jacket, jacket conductors (32) and template
  • Pre-lift preparation work including removal and separation of under-deck caissons
  • Design, fabrication and installation of bearing brackets to accommodate “horseshoe” lifting tools
  • Topsides leg cutting
  • Jacket pile and leg cutting, and template removal
  • Transfer and load-in of topsides and jacket to Aker Solutions (Norway) disposal facility for recycling
  • Transport, load-in and disposal of conductors at a disposal facility in the Netherlands

Project specials

  • Design, fabrication and welding of bearing blocks for horseshoe connections, lift trunnions with fixed spreader bars for the jacket lift and various frames for the conductor removal scope
  • Welding of bearing brackets with own crew in combination with corona restrictions
  • Transport of jacket from field, and subsequent load-in to disposal yard, in near-vertical position
  • Optimisations for topsides load-in to accommodate future toppling of the structure
  • Fabrication of jacket lift trunnions with a capacity of 5500 t each
  • Removal and reclining conductors of 76 m each