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Allseas is a world-leading contractor in the offshore energy market. Experts in the design and execution of large and complex offshore projects, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. Designed and optimised in-house, our versatile fleet of specialised vessels operate worldwide, equipped with the most advanced equipment and systems. Allseas specialises in four core activities: offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift, deep-ocean polymetallic nodule collection and river waste collection.

Our engineering, design and technology brings innovative solutions to meet the market’s ever changing needs. We dare to pioneer. Do you?

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At Allseas, we dare to pioneer. We strive for new opportunities and give each other the freedom to innovate. We continuously develop new techniques and applications to stay ahead in an ever changing industry. This requires people with creativity and a can-do attitude.

Do you dare to look beyond the possibilities of today and foresee the needs and technical possibilities of tomorrow? We have a wide range of career opportunities to offer across a variety of disciplines. Find your future job in our vacancies overview, or subscribe to our jobmail to receive the latest vacancies in your inbox.

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You are in charge of both your career and personal development at Allseas. There are many possibilities for aspiring engineers with problem solving skills and commitment to develop and grow in various technological areas.

Whether you work as an R&D engineer, a heavy lift engineer or a naval architect, we encourage you to be bold, technical creative and to go beyond the trodden path. At Allseas, we make sure our solutions will really work by trying it out from all angles, through all analyses, with all conceivable tests, for all conceivable applications.

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