Sea trials of our nodule collection system on our vessel Hidden Gem

Plunge time! Allseas engineers have been putting our mineral collector through its paces during successful Atlantic ultra-deepwater tests. Critical functions and control systems were pressure-tested at extreme depths. Deployed from our mineral collection vessel, Hidden Gem, the collector covered more than 1 km at 2500 m water depth, where the pressure is approx 250 times greater than at sea level!

At Allseas, we’re all about pushing boundaries. Now we’re taking our pilot collection system to the next level. The collector is about to go where no collector has been before. Up to 5000 m on the Pacific floor. That’s 500 times the pressure than at sea level!

We dare to pioneer the technology that enables future and emerging industries. As the world faces a myriad of challenges in transitioning to clean energy, seafloor polymetallic nodules will help meet massive new demand for vehicle batteries and renewable energy technologies. Another great example of Allseas fulfilling its mission is to remain a frontrunner in the offshore energy market by continuously pushing technical boundaries.