Graduation assignment - Pile Driveability

Graduation assignment - Pile Driveability

The Swiss-based Allseas Group, founded in 1985 and headed by Edward Heerema, is a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. Allseas Engineering, located in Delft, provides project management and engineering services to other subsidiaries of the Allseas Group.

Your role

Assignment: Pile driveability assessment for hard clays and very dense sands

Allseas often uses piles as a start-up method for pipelaying projects. Pile driveability refers to the ability of a pile to be safely and economically driven into the seabed to support the required bearing capacity and possibly to a minimum required penetration depth. Factors that affect pile driveability include the hammer driving system characteristics, pile type/size/length, and soil resistance behavior. Pile design is a multidisciplinary process involving structural, geotechnical and constructability considerations.

The objective of this assignment is to understand and analyse soil behaviour during pile driving in hard soils. The challenge will involve a literature research, identifying the different mechanisms and developing a model to determine pile driveability in hard soils.

What we expect from you

We are looking for a student with an affinity for the correlation between theoretical models and real-world applications. During this project you will develop both your engineering and your scientific skillset.

The assignment requires a solid understanding of soil mechanics and foundation design issues; experience with FEM software package is preferable. You will be expected to work independently, although multi-disciplinary support will be provided.

  • MSc student in Geotechnical Engineering.

What we offer you

This graduation assignment is available for a period of 9-12 months. 
For further information, please contact  Susie Toppler, Recruitment at Allseas Engineering B.V.: +31 15 268 1800. 

Candidates fulfilling the requirements may submit their application online at

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Field: Onshore
Discipline: Students
Location: Delft
Workweek: 40 hours
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