Graduation assignment - Complex subsea structure scouring

Graduation assignment - Complex subsea structure scouring

The Swiss-based Allseas Group, founded in 1985 and headed by Edward Heerema, is a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. Allseas Engineering, located in Delft, provides project management and engineering services to other subsidiaries of the Allseas Group.

Your role

Assignment: investigate scouring around complex subsea structures

Scour, or local erosion of the seabed, can occur beneath/around subsea structures such as pipelines, manifolds and pipeline end terminations. In areas with soils that are prone to scouring, the stability of the subsea installation(s) will be affected, which can impose unacceptable operating conditions and environmental conditions.

The challenge is to investigate scouring around complex subsea structures, with a specific focus on structures which are installed on an even clayey seabed and under the impact of a steady flow. Estimates can be made using empirical formulas, model tests and numeric models.

What under- and overestimations can arise from these approaches and what safety factors are advisable?

What we expect from you

We are looking for a student with an affinity for the correlation between theoretical models and real-world applications. During the course of this project you will develop both your engineering and your scientific skillset. The assignment requires a solid understanding of flow as well as sediment transportation; experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is preferable. You will be expected to work independently, although multi-disciplinary support will be provided.

Further requirements

  • BSc degree
  • MSc student in Civil,  Maritime, Mechanical, Offshore or Aerospace Engineering

What we offer you

This graduation assignment can commence immediately and is available for a period of 9-12 months. For more information, please contact  Susie Toppler, Recruitment at Allseas Engineering B.V.:+31 15 268 1800. Candidates fulfilling the requirements may submit their application online at

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Location: Delft
Workweek: 40 hours
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