Graduation assignment - Steel wire rope numerical models

Graduation assignment - Steel wire rope numerical models

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Your role

Assignment: Verification of steel wire rope numerical models  

During offshore lift operations, vessel motions can cause significant movement of the crane tip when the crane hook is connected to the load. During tensioning of the hoist, the cable tension will vary between slack and loaded. This sudden loading results in higher loads in the cables.

The objective of this graduation assignment is to verify the existing ADAMS model and to extend the model with a simple implementation so it can be used for various cable applications. The verification process consists of developing an analytical model, and designing and building a test setup to verify the load build-up in a cable when a load cycle occurs. 
This numerical work needs to be verified by practical tests to validate the models. The test setup will be scaled to cable sizes of about 20 mm in diameter.

What we expect from you

We are looking for a student with an affinity for the correlation between theoretical models and real-world applications. During the course of this project you will develop both your engineering and your scientific skillset. The assignment requires both an analytical mind and a hands-on attitude. 

  • BSc degree
  • MSc student in Civil, Maritime, Mechanical, Nautical or Offshore Engineering

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This graduation assignment is available for a period of 9 to 12 months. 
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