Yme topsides removal

General information

ClientRepsol (previously Talisman) 
ProjectYme topsides removal 
LocationNorth Sea, Norwegian sector 
VesselsPioneering Spirit 
Max. water depth93 m (305 ft)
Platform typeJack-up
Weight (t)13,500
Dimensions L x B x H (m)56.4 x 54.0 x 28.0
Number legs3
Leg diameter (m)3.5
Cut location +/- sea level (m)7

Scope of work

• Engineering, procurement and removal of the 13,500 t Yme mobile offshore production unit (MOPU)
• Pre-lift preparation work including installation of temporary strain fenders around caisson and leg cutting
• Design and development of leg cutting equipment
• Transfer of topsides from Pioneering Spirit  to Iron Lady  for load-in to dismantling yard (Lutelandet)

Project specials

• Design temporary constraint between caisson and MOPU which can be released platform access
• Design fender system to protect caisson during move out
• Design and fabrication of five lift yokes specific to the MOPU

• Suitable lift point configuration to maintain structural integrity of the MOPU body during lift (not possible to reinforce the MOPU hull)
• Releasing the constraints between caisson and MOPU without platform access
• Clearing the caisson during removal