Tyra Redevelopment

General information

Client Total Denmark 
Project Tyra Redevelopment 
Year 2020-22 
Location North Sea (Denmark) 
Vessels Pioneering Spirit, Fortitude, Oceanic 
Max. water depth 42 m (140 ft)

Scope of work

  • Engineering, preparation, removal, transport and disposal of:
    • 14,000 t TEA and 7,800 t TWA topsides (2020)
    • 1,200 t TWD and 900 t TED flare jackets (2020)
    • 1,400 t K and 1,000 t IPF modules (2020)
    • 5,400 t TEA  and 3,100 t TWA jackets (2022)
  • Pre-lift preparation work including removal and separation of under-deck caissons
  • Design, fabrication and installation of bearing blocks to accommodate “horseshoe” lifting tools
  • Leg cutting
  • Transfer of topsides, jackets and modules  to Iron Lady  for load-in to M.A.R.S. recycling yard at Frederikshavn, Denmark
  • Transfer of flare jackets to Iron Lady  for load-in to Sagro recycling yard at Vlissingen, the Netherlands

Project specials

  • Design and fabrication of bearing block type lift points, (“horseshoe”) lifting yokes, leg support structures, spreader bars and frames
  • Lift of modules and jackets with internal lifting tools (ILT)
  • Subsea dredging and cutting with both internal and external cutting tools
  • Load-in operations by means of hydraulic skidding for the topsides and Tyra East Alpha jacket, and SPMTs for the other structures
  • Use of all Pioneering Spirit’s  heavy lift systems (TLS, JLS and 5,000 t crane)
  • Very limited air gap due to the subsidence of both fields (5 to 7 m)
  • Very narrow span between the legs of the topsides i.e. high outreach for the TLS beams
  • Proximity to the other platforms in the field