General information

ClientSouth Stream Transport B.V. 
LocationBlack Sea 
VesselsPioneering Spirit, Audacia 
Max. water depth2200 m
Total length of pipe laid1802 km
Number of double joints installed73,618
Total number of welds138,249
Double joints130

Scope of work

  • Mobilise vessels through the Bosporus
  • Pre-lay survey of the route
  • Pre-lay seabed preparations (cable-crossing supports; dredging)
  • Pipe haul from marshalling yards
  • 2 x pipe pull-ins (1.5 km through micro-tunnels at Anapa)
  • Engineering and installation of dual 940-km, 32-inch pipeline
  • As-laid survey

Project specials

  • Complex pipe route with sudden depth drop of ~1.5 km
  • Tight lay tolerances
  • Very short preparation phase (offshore start less than 5 months after signing agreement)