Q10-A to P15-D pipeline

General information

ClientTulip Oil Netherlands Offshore 
ProjectQ10-A to P15-D pipeline 
LocationNorth Sea, Dutch Sector 
VesselsLorelay, Fortitude 
Max. water depth30 m (100 ft)

Scope of work

  • EPIC contract for installation of 43-km, 14-inch pipeline with 2-inch piggyback
  • Pre-engineering survey
  • Detailed design
  • Procurement of coated line pipe, anodes and flanges
  • Pre-lay dredging (seabed levelling)
  • Preparation of multiple umbilical/cable crossings
  • Pipeline installation
  • Trenching and backfilling
  • Flooding, cleaning, gauging and testing of the pipeline
  • Fabrication and diver assisted installation of tie-in spools at Q10-A and P15-D
  • Rockdumping on crossings and tie-in spools

Project specials

  • Very short preparation phase (offshore start less than 4 months after signing agreement)
  • First project with new trencher, deployed from Allseas’ newest vessel Fortitude

Pipe characteristics

43 / 271415.9X65
43 / 272 (piggy-backed)5.9X52