Rota 3

General information

Client Petrobras 
Project Rota 3 
Year 2016/17 
Location Brazil, Santos Basin 
Vessels Solitaire, Lorelay 

Scope of work

  • Full EPIC contract (pipe is free-issued)
  • Installation of 143 km of 24-inch and 155 km of 20-inch gas export pipeline
  • Installation of 20 structures: 5x PLEMs (manifolds), 3x PLETs, 7x inline tees, 2x inline wyes and 3x inline ball valves
  • Installation of 9 vertical M-shaped jumpers, sizes 14-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch
  • Free span corrections and 15x pipeline and fibre optic cable crossings
  • Flooding, gauging, testing (FGT), dewatering and pre-commissioning

Project specials

  • Onshore transport and storage to be arranged in Brazil
  • In-house fabrication (Allseas Fabrication, Heusden)
  • Two and a half years of support vessel days
  • Extreme tight schedule for procurement and fabrication
  • Allseas project office set up in Rio de Janeiro
  • Modifications to Calamity Jane for handling coiled tubing spread for recovery of MEG and N² purge at 2200 m water depth
  • Solitaire deep-water winch system
  • Lorelay Active Heave Compensated deep-water winch for jumper installation

Pipe characteristics

143 / 89 24 22.4 - 28.2 DNV SAWL 450
155 / 96 20 25.9 - 27.5 DNV SAWL 450