Profundo P62

General information

Client Petróleo Brasileiro S/A (Petrobras) 
Project Profundo P62 
Year 2012  
Location Offshore Brazil (Campos Basin Rio de Janeiro & Espírito Santo) 
Vessels Solitaire 
Max. water depth 1453 m (4795 ft)
Pipe characteristics 3LPP coated pipe and CWC pipe

Scope of work

  • Detail design and engineering
  • Procurement and supply (coated line pipe, anodes, valves and connectors)
  • Construction (PLRs, span support, ILBV and PLET structures)
  • Logistics and (intermediate) storage
  • Crossing preparation
  • Offshore pipeline installation, all complete with inline valve and PLET structures
  • Survey (design, pre-lay and lay support)
  • Span rectification (grout bags and span support structures)
  • Pre-commissioning (flooding, cleaning, gauging and testing)

Project specials

  • EPCI project in joint venture with Technip Brasil
  • New double joint welding system implemented (Haane) with sour service design/welding requirements
  • New see-saw roller boxes and FJC cooling system implemented to allow acceptable pull times
  • Steep slopes, curves and tight lay tolerances due to existing infrastructure and coral outcrops
  • Inline ball valve structure (c/w mud mats) installation with 140 m long stinger in 28 m WD
  • PLET installation (60 t) in 1493 m WD in congested area with tight installation tolerances
  • Anode tapers for roller box passage
  • ROV survey from Solitaire  ROV installed on vessel

Pipe characteristics

40.9 / 25.7 12 22.2 / 23.8 DNV 450 SFD (SMLS)
50.3 / 31.5 12 22.2 / 23.8 DNV 450 SFD (SMLS)