Lingshui 17-2

General information

Client Chinese Offshore Oil Engineering Company (COOEC) 
Project Lingshui 17-2 
Year 2020 
Location South China Sea 
Vessels Audacia, Calamity Jane 
Max. water depth 1500 m

Scope of work

  • Installation of 90 km long 18-inch export line and PLET at the deep end
  • Installation of four 10-inch flowlines totalling 53 km and 6 PLETs (J-mode)
  • Installation of three 4.5-inch MEG lines totalling 19km and 6 PLETs (S-mode)

Project specials

  • First project in China
  • Short preparation time – less than 6 months
  • Installation of 2.3 km long 4.5-inch pipeline in 1,500 m water depth with PLET’s at both ends (both ends floating)
  • Chinese regulations