Brent Bravo topsides removal

General information

ClientShell UK  
ProjectBrent Bravo topsides removal 
LocationNorth Sea 
VesselsPioneering Spirit 
Max. water depth140 m (460 ft)

Scope of work

  • Engineering, procurement and removal of the 24,000 t Brent Bravo topsides
  • Pre-lift preparation work including design of under deck lift points and strengthening of the module support frame
  • Cutting of the platform legs
  • Design and fabrication of lifting yokes, support stools and grillage
  • Transfer of topsides from Pioneering Spirit¬† to Iron Lady¬† and load-in to recycling yard (Hartlepool, UK)

Project specials

  • Design and fabrication of lift yokes
  • Design and fabrication of GBS concrete leg covers
  • Design and modification of leg support structures used for Brent Delta topsides removal
  • Design, fabrication and installation of shear restraints for topsides stability after leg cutting

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