19 June 2020

“Pioneering Spirit’s” heavy lift campaign 2020

After several months of preparatory works in Rotterdam, Pioneering Spirit   is back where she belongs, in open water. The world’s largest offshore construction vessel will spend summer 2020 pulling a further 55,000 t of ageing platform infrastructure out of the North Sea. Using her single-lift capacity and deck space, Pioneering Spirit  will deliver topsides, jackets, bridges and monopiles to specialist decommissioning yards in the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Allseas’ Heavy Lift Department Head Jos Haarman, picture on the right: “Another busy summer of platform removals starts today, and we can’t wait. Three fields, four jacket-based topsides and the first-time use of new in-house developed lifting tools, giving it a nice extra to my first campaign as head of Allseas’ heavy lift engineering department. It feels like the night before a season finale, crowning the years of preparation by so many people.”

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