02 July 2021

“Pioneering Spirit” lifts 2500-t QP lower jacket

Pioneering Spirit  safely crane-lifted the 2500-t Valhall QP lower jacket out of the water using in-house designed, fabricated and installed lifting tools.

Machinefabriek Schaap cut, machined and assembled the hooks from 690 grade steel leftover from the JLS beams, while Allseas Fabrication delivered the spreader bars and hook integration with lifting/operating frames and hydraulics. Design and procedures were drawn up by a team from Allseas’  Heavy Lift and Innovations Departments.

Cuts to the jacket legs and holes for the hooks were performed from Oceanic, with the vessel providing ROV support.

Watch the video of the jacket removal made by Aker PB.

The 800-t upper jacket section was removed earlier this week.

Great team effort!