26 July 2021

The story behind “Catchy”, Allseas’ river waste collection system

Our river waste collector “Catchy” has collected some 700 kg of waste in Schiedam’s Vijfsluizer harbour in the 9 months it has been operational. That’s roughly 75 kg of waste every month that would otherwise flow out to the North Sea or pile up in the nature reserve behind the harbour.

Simple in design, effective in use, Catchy’s floating arms extend 200 m across the water, moving with the tide and wind to trap waste. A dedicated team within Allseas is behind the Catchy story, from development to installation of the system. Watch the video to learn more about our river waste collection activities and our plans for the waste that Catchy collects.

Working every day at sea, we witness first-hand the devastating impact plastic pollution is having on the world’s oceans and marine life. Plastic pollution is a global problem, and we are committed to the effort to clean our oceans by developing systems to collect waste in rivers and waterways before it flows out to sea and breaks up in micro plastics, affecting sea life and ultimately human health. Read more about our efforts to reduce plastic waste in rivers.