Allsafe is our behaviour based safety programme with the ultimate goal of reducing incidents to zero. Allsafe actively encourages our people to display a safety conscious attitude at work and always communicate potential hazards. The programme seeks to heighten safety awareness at all levels within the organisation by addressing people’s attitudes and behaviour through a series of tools and activities based on five key values:

  • Ownership
  • Communication
  • Relationship & teamwork
  • Recognition of risk
  • Intervention

Personal safety and employee health is Allseas’ greatest responsibility. We expect all of our people, regardless of seniority or rank, to take personal accountability for ensuring not only their own safety, but also the safety of others.

Allsafe rules
Based on the most common type of incidents and injuries that have occurred in our past performance, a set of rules has been developed to guide our personnel in their effort to work safe. Everyone has the responsibility and the authority to stop work that is considered unsafe. Click on the link for the Allsafe rules poster.

Allsafe campaign
The Allsafe campagin focuses on good job preparation and identifying safety hazards at the workplace. A lot of incidents at the workplace are caused by a lack of job preparation or poor planning. To help employees plan and evaluate the safety of their tasks the Step Back 5x5 tool is provided, consisting of posters and pocket-size booklets complete with observation forms. The Step Back 5x5 guides employees through five simple questions to ensure a good job preparation is done:

  • What is the task?
  • What is the risk?
  • What is the plan?
  • Who is in charge?
  • Perform the task?

Observations and interventions
ASAP – Allseas Safety Awareness Programme – is a database for Allseas personnel to share their observations and interventions in order to promote and improve safety. Employees are trained to recognise safe behaviour and to intervene on unsafe behaviour or unsafe conditions.

If you wish to receive a copy of our health, safety and environmental policy, please send an e-mail to