Marketing Graduation Assignment

Marketing Graduation Assignment

Allseas campaign to scale plastic catching in rivers and oceans worldwide. Working every day at sea, Allseas sees first-hand how plastic accumulates in the world’s oceans with devastating effect to fish and marine life. Plastic pollution is a global problem, and we are committed to the effort to clean our oceans by developing technologies and systems to collect the waste in rivers and waterways before it flows out to sea.

Within our Innovations Department, a team of dedicated engineers is leading the way, collaborating with national and local authorities across the Benelux to create collection systems tailored to specific waterways. Two systems are already in place, in the Vijfsluizerhaven in Schiedam and in the Port of Antwerp.

Through our efforts, we have secured EU funding to develop models to identify plastic hotspots and predict its movement in rivers. We have established our own laboratory to analyse the plastic waste we catch and teamed up with the chemical and biomedical departments of leading universities to investigate micro-plastics.

Now it is time to take this project to the next level, to grow awareness of our contribution to the plastic problem so we can have a bigger impact. We are setting up a team to develop a go-to-market strategy, and need young, passionate, marketing savvy people to help raise funds and grow our profile in this area.

Your role

Allseas is a world-leading contractor in the offshore energy market, with dynamism, rapid progress and pioneering spirit at its core. To stay ahead of the industry, we develop tomorrow’s technology today, transforming bold ideas into state-of-the-art solutions to meet the market’s ever changing needs.

We are experts in the design and implementation of large and complex offshore energy projects, with a proud history of delivering first-class services, operational excellence and dedicated expertise to clients worldwide.

Allseas is a proud signatory of the Community of Practice Plastic (CoPP) declaration of intent, an initiative spanning government entities, private companies and educational institutions that aims to boost knowledge of the plastic problem and assess which policy interventions and practical measures work.

You will perform important research and assist with building a potent marketing strategy. The project includes developing, implementing, and tracking existing strategies in the plastic community to engage enthusiasts to support our efforts through funding or contributing in other ways.

What we expect from you

Are you ready to showcase you skills? We are looking for an insightful and goal-driven marketing student who shares our passion and commitment to stop the flow of plastics into the world’s oceans. We need a free-thinker, with big ideas and a hands-on attitude, who knows their way around social media.

Further requirements:

  • MSc/BSc student in Marketing, International Business Management, Commerce entrepreneurship and organizations, Communication, or equivalent

What we offer you

We offer you an internship in a challenging, young, dynamic and innovative environment where freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. Of course you will receive an internship compensation


Please apply by uploading your cv and motivation with a brief description of your preferred assignment.

In our application procedure, you can read what to expect when you apply for a job at Allseas.

Field: Onshore
Discipline: Innovations
Location: Delft
Workweek: 40 hours
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