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Raymond Vink

Manager Engineering

I started my career with Allseas more than 10 years ago, fresh from the university. During my first yearly evaluation I mentioned that I liked the experience of working offshore and after a few months an opportunity as a Field Engineer became available, which I took. During my two and a half years as Field Engineer on board of Solitaire  we installed pipelines in the Philippines, the North Sea, Trinidad and the Gulf of Mexico, and I have flown half way around the world and seen a lot of nice places.

After those years on board Solitaire, where I gained an enormous amount of experience, I thought it was time to return to dry land and I joined the Engineering Department again as a Lead Engineer. During another yearly evaluation I mentioned that pipeline design was something that I was interested in, and again my request was fulfilled. I became, in addition to Lead Engineer, a co-ordinator for several design projects executed by various design engineering subcontractors.

Once again, during an evaluation I expressed my long term ambition of being more involved in departmental issues; that year a position as Unit Head of the Engineering Department became available. After a short word with the Engineering Manager I was proposed and accepted for that position, which I still hold at the moment.