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Olympia Korakidou

Lead Heavy Lift Engineer

Even though my introduction to Allseas was somewhat accidental, my remaining part of it for more than six years, is very much intentional.

I first came across Allseas in 2013 during my student years at TU Delft. I was doing my Master’s in Civil Structural Engineering and was in search of an exciting graduation project. Outside the steel structures lab, pinned on the wall, there it was – my graduation project waiting for me! Allseas was offering a thesis within its Innovations Department on the very compelling subject of fatigue on stinger structures. Not acquainted with the offshore world, I grabbed the opportunity to work on an area I was very interested in, in an industry relatively unknown to me. I got myself an interview and shortly after, I was in!

Needless to say that by the end of my thesis, I was in love with the true pioneering spirit of the company. The name of the company’s flagship is obviously no accident. Young people, armed with the excitement of technological creation are pushing the boundaries of innovation day after day, sharing knowledge with each other in an environment where thinking outside the box is always encouraged. I was immediately hooked!

At the successful completion of my thesis, I was offered a permanent position. Without a second thought, I agreed and became part of the Heavy Lift Department’s hydro-structural team. Studying the dynamic behaviour of such a unique vessel as Pioneering Spirit was a daily pleasure. Predicting the vessel motions, deformations and their effect on the lifted platforms kept me interested for a couple of years. But I wanted to learn more, see as many aspects of this job as possible and get a global understanding of the joint efforts required for such gigantic operations.

I requested to join the department’s structural team. Easy as that, I was re-positioned. I spent another couple of years assessing the structural integrity of platforms to be lifted by Pioneering Spirit, designed reinforcements and all kinds of structural (lifting) aids. I learned a lot and when the moment was right, it was time for me to move to my next professional challenge: becoming a Heavy Lift Engineer.

I was fortunate enough to experience my heavy lifting debut in a project as challenging as the removal of Valhall QP. I got to work on conceptual and detailed designs, drawing down method statements, following up with fabrication, overseeing platform preparations and interfacing with the client, subcontractors and vessel crew. However, nothing beats the pure adrenaline rush of the operational execution! It was a project to remember and the experience gained will serve me greatly as I move on to my next adventure, that of being the Lead Heavy Lift Engineer for the Equinor Statfjord A project.


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