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Jan Willem Metz

Field Engineer on Pioneering Spirit

Doing my graduate traineeship at Allseas was a very inspiring experience. On the job, you not only encounter the world’s largest and best pipelaying vessels, but you also work with young, energetic and technically creative colleagues. During my graduate traineeship, I examined the unique characteristics and processes of Allseas’ pipelaying vessels. My challenge was to examine an optimal operational process and the services offered for Pioneering Spirit.

After my graduation, I started working as an Installation Engineer where I joined a team that is constantly working on providing the correct procedures to Allseas' vessels and clients worldwide. I was responsible for detailed calculations of the production process of the pipelines and various other structures. What I really enjoy is to go and watch the execution of my own project and thus see the calculations that I have made, being put into actual practice. Currently, I am Barge Foreman on board Solitaire.

At Allseas, you are given a lot of responsibility right from the beginning. You have the opportunity to develop yourself rapidly in various areas of the offshore industry, where independence and teamwork are of central importance. The people at Allseas all believe in the credo “no guts, no glory”. Allseas appeals to me because of its international character and the operational work, thus providing me with the opportunity to gather both theoretical and practical knowledge, and experience in the offshore industry.


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