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Adem Akbulut

R&D Engineer

After finishing my graduation project, I was offered the position of R&D Engineer within a completely new team. We have been given the opportunity to develop ingenious systems to clean rivers from plastic waste. I have taken on the task to develop sustainable concepts for this system; we are currently trialing early prototypes in Rotterdam’s Nieuwe Maas River. The job demands new approaches for our challenges, provocative thinking and creative solutions. Within this project, we are collaborating with governmental authorities, universities and leading water institutes.

Allseas is a sea of knowledge for graduates. Working for the company means taking on responsibility in projects and gaining a lot of experience in a short amount of time. Since joining the company full time, I have been kept busy developing and testing new systems to clean rivers and visited Belgium to study potential locations to set up our prototypes. I also spent time offshore in the Gulf of Mexico for a pipeline-trenching project and I am still involved with the “offshore grout plant”.

Allseas is one of the first offshore company to explore new horizons in battling the world’s plastic waste problem, which reflects the environmentally conscious mentality of the company. And Allseas is the right company in the right segment to engage in this challenge.

Allseas is a bold and daring company with a down-to-earth mentality. The people are motivated, committed and engaging in thought-provoking projects. Emerging talents are welcomed, supported and rewarded here! Every day at Allseas is action-packed and takes you a step further in your career, not a single day is neither boring nor the same!


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