Shell Olympus

General information

Client Shell 
Project Shell Olympus 
Year 2013 
Location Gulf of Mexico 
Vessels Audacia 
Max. water depth 976 m (320 ft)

Scope of work

  • Structure design input and design/construction of start-up and laydown heads
  • Installation of export pipelines, flowlines and SCR (with VIV strakes)
  • Installation of J-mode PLET structures, S-mode ILS structures and J-mode stress joints (wet parked)
  • Installation of suction piles and return sheave assembly for pipeline initiation
  • Installation of 140 t, 8-slot manifold in 959 m (3146 ft) water depth
  • Survey (pre-lay and lay support, post structure installation work)
  • Crossing preparation

Project specials

  • New method and components designed in-house to install J-mode stress joints using Audacia’s A-frame
  • Early involvement with structure design to optimise installation
  • PLET installation in 959 m (3,146 ft) water depth
  • Anti-rotation yokes with buoyancy used for S-mode ILS structure installation in 900 m (2952 ft) water depth
  • New FJC machine designed in-house to accommodate 5-layer syntactic polypropylene flowline insulation

Pipe characteristics

5/40 16/18 19.1/15.9/16.7 API-5L-X65/API-5L-X56
65/40 16 17.5/14.3/15.9/16.7 API-5L-X65
11.7/7.3 8.625 28.8/33.45 API-5L-X65