Enterprise Lucius

General information

Client Enterprise Field Service L.L.C. 
Project Enterprise Lucius 
Year 2013 
Location Gulf of Mexico 
Vessels Solitaire, Audacia 
Max. water depth 2175 m (7135 ft)
Pipe characteristics 3LPP coated pipe and CWC pipe

Scope of work

  • Installation of the 42-km, 18-inch North pipeline section and 117-km, 18-inch South pipeline section
  • Installation of the 6-inch fuel line
  • ILS and PLET installation
  • Depressurisation scope

Project specials

  • Depressurisation of the existing pipeline before extension of the same pipeline in both directions
  • Deepwater ILS and PLET installation

Pipe characteristics

2.4 /1.5 6.675 11.0 X65
41.8/26.0 18 20.3 X65
117.1/72.8 18 26.7 X65