11 February 2021

Tackling the problem of waste in waterways: the strength lies in co-operation

Awareness of plastic and trash in our waterways is on the increase, but it is often difficult to determine the source.

Catching waste in Vijfsluizer harbour

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, we developed a system for the Vijfsluizer harbour in Schiedam to monitor and analyse the waste that accumulates in this part of the Nieuwe Maas river. Since its launch late last October, our system “Catchy” has collected an average 100 kg of waste per month, larger floating objects and smaller materials up to 1 m below the surface.

Analysing and monitoring the waste

Analysing this waste to establish where it comes from is perhaps the most important step towards ensuring it does not end up in the water in the first place. It has become clear that the trash does not originate from one single source, and one single party cannot solve the problem. Co-operation between governments, companies and non-profit organisations is key.

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